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Who We Are


LDDR is a 501(c)(3) organization with a simple mission – saving animals. To us, Last Day is more than just a name; it is a situation that all of our animals are faced with. We are a no-kill animal rescue based in Livonia, Michigan, with foster volunteers located all over the state of Michigan. By foster, we mean that there are loving people who willingly take in these beautiful transient creatures and do their very best to provide them with safety, security and love.

Throughout our history, we have saved thousands of dogs and cats from euthanasia, many of them simply because of their breed, their age, physical disabilities and illnesses. This is the core of why we do what we do. While we openly take in puppies and dogs who are in good shape, our focus is on saving those who are most likely to be thrown away, abandoned and unloved. This organization was founded on the principle that all life is precious and should be given the chance to be loved, cherished and cared for.


To make the world a better place by helping animals in a tangible way.


Last Day Dog Rescue's mission is to reduce the number of homeless and euthanized pets by rescuing dogs and cats whose lives and/or well-being are at risk. We provide them with basic needs and care and place them with loving families.


Do our best to eliminate the stigma of “un-adaptability” brought on by breed, age, and physical malady. Work toward creating a world where every pet can enjoy a loving home and provide a way for the public to find their perfect family addition by providing “no kill” resources.

Please watch the short video below for more information about shelter dogs.


Non-Discrimination Policy

Last Day Dog Rescue (“LDDR”) does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. These activities include, but are not limited to, the appointment to and termination from its Board of Directors, hiring and firing of staff or contractors, selection of volunteers, selection of fosters, selection/approval of potential adopters and providing of services.

LDDR is an equal opportunity non-profit organization. We shall not discriminate and will not discriminate in recruitment of volunteers, fosters, adopters and board membership on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, or for any other legally protected status. All volunteers and representatives of LDDR as well as all other persons or entities affiliated or connected with LDDR, are prohibited from engaging in any behavior that constitutes prohibited discrimination when dealing with potential fosters, volunteers and adopters.

Any person who feels that they may have been discriminated against due to a legally protected status can report the circumstances to any board member of LDDR. LDDR will promptly investigate all allegations of unlawful discrimination in as confidential a manner as possible.


More Than Just a Name

Most of our animals were out of time and had a date with death. Now these wonderful dogs and cats get another chance at life.

Founded in 2007

Last Day Dog Rescue is an ALL volunteer rescue based with great growth. We adopt out around 700 dogs and cats a year. We do not have a physical location yet; most of our dogs are placed in the care of foster homes until they are adopted, a few are in boarding awaiting space in a foster home.

Last Day Dog Rescue focuses on rescuing dogs from the "Urgent" list in Shelters across Michigan and some come from as far as Ohio and West Virginia. We focus on the high kill shelters that have such high kill rates that few souls have hope of getting out without our help, and those shelters that still use gas chambers or who sell the dogs to research. Once rescued, they are then placed into foster homes where they can interact with humans and other animals. We breathe new life into them, teach them to trust again, and help restore their health and beauty while getting to know them better. Then we work to find a forever home where they can flourish. We pull dogs based on their personalities and lovability and not appearance. LDDR always holds a special place in our hearts for hard to place black dogs, those that some would call "ugly" dogs (who we don't find ugly at all!), the very special senior dogs or even those needing medical attention that few rescues are in the position to help. These dogs often get overlooked by adopters and other rescues that prefer to rescue puppies, small breeds, and the "prettier", lighter colored dogs. However, we do rescue those highly adoptable too as there never seems to be enough rescues to place the many dogs running out of time at shelters.

Dogs in shelters are there for many reasons; some are owner surrenders, some are brought in as strays, some dogs are found abandoned, left to fend for themselves in vacant homes, open fields, or on the side of the road, and some simply wandered off from their families and having no tag or microchip can’t find their way home. These dogs have time limits at most shelters and LDDR offers them rescue on their last day when we have an open and willing foster home. Last Day Dog Rescue does not discriminate and feels that each of these dogs, no matter their size, age, color, condition or the reason they are there, all deserve a second chance at life... we help all those we can. This is why we are always in need of fosters, volunteers and donations to cover pull fees, vetting and caring for the many dogs and cats that have found themselves lucky and found their last hope – Last Day Dog Rescue!

Built by Volunteers from the Ground Up

Please understand that Last Day Dog Rescue is a 100% volunteer rescue. We have no paid staff; all areas of our rescue are handled by volunteers which includes our officers, board, and team leaders. For this reason, we ask for your patience. We volunteer for the rescue on our days off, our lunch hours, and between family commitments. We get hundreds of emails per day and may not have time to respond the same day. Be assured we will do our best to answer your email as soon as we can.


Email us at

If you have not heard from us within 5 days of your request, please write us again as a reminder. We may be working on finding the answers to your questions.

Meet Our Dogs and Cats

Visit our Events page and you will be able to meet some of our fabulous dogs and cats.

Want to Help Us in Our Mission by Making a Donation of Items?

Please email our Donations Coordinator if you have anything you wish to donate. They will set up a pickup/drop off location and time convenient for you. Also, please check out our Wishlist page for more information.

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Last Day Dog Rescue Board of Directors

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