From foster to furever pup
a testimonial

A few days ago we received a heartfelt thank you from our very own Erin Collin. She had been a foster with us for some time now, and continues to volunteer with Last Day Dog Rescue today. She adopted one of her foster pups after bonding with little Jake and she never looked back. Here’s what Erin had to say:

"So today I’ve "officially" had Jake, my LDDR alum, for three years. He was one of my foster puppies, and although they were all very special to me, Jake stole my heart from the moment he sat down and tapped me on the arm.

erin 1Jake and I have been through a lot together. He was there when I moved into my first apartment in college, he helped introduce me into the people who have become my best friends, and was there through every one of my many, many all-nighters. Everyone told me when I first adopted him that I would regret having a dog at school. That it would limit me, and I would struggle with grades and a social life. They were wrong. After I brought Jake to school with me, my grades went up, days that I would have been locked up studying I spent out enjoying life, I made tons of new friends, and I even became a much more active member in different organizations and took on more responsibility.

This past spring we graduated, and I say we because he was as much apart of my experience as anyone else.

What’s so special about Jake is erin 2that he is a very fortunate parvovirus survivor (the first picture above is the day I picked him up from the emergency vet, and knew that he would never leave me again). What I remember most vividly about that time was when I first dropped him off, and—through hiccups and sobs—begged the vet please not to put him down. It was shortly there after that I learned about LDDR’s policy that vet bills would not be the deciding factor of a dog’s life. Even thousands of dollars was not too much for the life of my little puppy.

What I’m really trying to say is thank you. Thank you to everyone who has put their all into this organization, thank you to the fund-raisers, and the fosters, and the board members, and everyone who does all of the other jobs for this organization that make it run. I know it can be a taxing job, but I hope you have even just an inkling of the impact that you make. While you may save one life, with each life saved you touch thousands. If I had a penny for each time Jake made someone smile, even just the people we pass on out nightly walk, Last Day would never have debt again.

So thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Last Day Dog Rescue thanks YOU, Erin for being an amazing mom to a pup in need and a wonderful volunteer to the LDDR family.

Click for more info if you would like to foster or adopt a pup like Jake. If you want to get involved but can't take on a new animal- checkout our volunteer opportunities, we are always in need of new passionate people to work with us to help save lives.

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