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Harley is a fun, happy, lively little tail wagger of only 45 pounds. She is a terrier mix with possibly some bull terrier in her. Harley is very affectionate and is happiest when she is cuddling with you and actually touching you. I think she would be better with older children than with real young ones. She would enjoy a fenced yard where she could run and play. Harley is housebroken and tells you when she wants to go out. Harley is smart and would most likely excel at obedience or agility or possibly other dog sports. It's hard to see it in her photos, but she is white with black spots (like a Dalmation) on the backs of her ears. She is quite unique and a beautiful dog. Harley is fully vetted including being spayed and having a microchip and is ready to go to her forever home.‚Äč

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