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Well, hello there, welcome to my page!

What's that, you are here looking for a dog to be your furever buddy! Well that is AMAZING because I am a dog. And guess what!? I am looking for my furever buddy too! Isn't that great!

My name is Maserati, or Mazzie for short. My foster dad just can't stop raving about me! He says I am such a wonderful dog with so much happiness and energy to go around. That couldn't be more true! I play so well with my foster pals, not so good with cats, but definitely love my doggie friends! I will need slow and proper introductions to my new doggie friends.

I love to be active with you, but once I have my nylabone, it is my zen time! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE playing fetch and tug!

Need some cuddles and a good kiss, I got that covered. If you adopt me {Raises right paw}, I promise to always have your back no matter what. I promise to always give you the love and attention that we both can handle. It would make me the happiest dog on earth to become a part of your family!

I really hope that I get to meet you soon!

Eagerly awaiting your furever lap!


P.S. - I really hope you have a fenced in yard for me to play in.

For more information or questions, email Tim at

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