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H‚Äči my name is Roland. Are you looking for a dog that loves to walk, but also enjoys downtime and cuddles on the couch? That is me! I love having a fenced yard so I can run and play on my own as well. I like to learn new things especially tricks, which I enjoy showing off. 

When you leave the house, all you need to do is ask me to get in my crate and I go right in. If I am left out, I tend to bored and get into mischief, so it is best for everyone. Just give me a treat and we are all good. I am an attention hog, so I wouldn't want to live with another pet in the house; I need to be the one and only non-human in the home. I love older kids who know how to behave appropriately around dogs, but little kids tend to make me uneasy. 

I am really a great companion. Come and meet me. 

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