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Buster says, “Any dog is a lap dog, as long as he sits on your lap!” He’s big, but he sure does love to snuggle, and his silky soft fur will make you want to pet him all day. Buster is 8 years old which is the perfect age; he’s low maintenance and happy to be lazy around the house, but also appreciates a good walk and is ready to play when you are. Buster does have some anxiety, but is easily comforted with love and treats.  He will do best in a home with no small children or other pets. Buster already knows a few tricks, but he could benefit from some additional obedience training, and needs to work on his leash manners. Buster already has his own bed, harness, leash, toys, Kong’s, and anything else a dog could need, so all you have to provide is a loving home!

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