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Pu Litter Eevee (Mom)

Do you have tennis balls, like a lot of them, if not will you buy some? If your answer is yes than you might be the home for me! See I am simple girl but I do require lots of tennis balls!! I like other toys but nothing gets me as excited as having tennis balls!

My foster says I am just a happy gal, that is good with all people even kiddos! I am house broken, but I may have had a couple accidents but I am still recovering from taking care of my 5 babies for the last several weeks. They all have found their forever homes and now it’s my turn. I was a great mom but my foster promised I never ever have to do it again, which sounds perfect to me!

I really love my foster home. See, I also get alone time and have my own room, I have adults and kids who play fetch with me a few times a day. They all helped me get better on the leash, to come when I was called, I am actually even starting to learn how to settle down and watch TV. I would probably like to stay here but they have some big dogs here, I just don’t like when they get in my way. My foster thinks I will much prefer to be the only dog in a home.  I think that is true at least to start. The cats here don’t bother me. Did I mention my NEED for tennis balls, oh I did, okay.

Well that’s all for now. Let lastdaydogrescue.org know if you want to meet me by filling out an application. ‚Äč

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