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We are looking for a home for Frasier that has no other dogs or cats not because he doesn’t get along with them but because he needs to remain calm for the next few months. Frasier has tested positive for heartworm and is in the process of going through treatment. The cost of his treatment is fully covered by the recuse. His “calm” period will go through, at least, the end of March 2022. This means he will not be able to play, run or go for walks until after treatment. Potty breaks must be done on a 6-foot leash only even if a fenced yard is available to him. At times using a crate may be necessary to keep him calm. He is not neutered yet because he will have to test negative for heartworm first. The cost of his neuter will also be covered by the rescue when that time comes. After all of his treatment he should resume a normal lab life and have no issues. Frasier also suffers from separation anxiety and is on medication to help him through this hard time. Someone who is not gone for long periods of time is best.

A little about Frasier’s personality:
Frasier is your typical happy go lucky lab, He is super friendly and loves to get attention. He LOVES his tennis balls, kong and bones. He is very food motivated and has already learned to sit. He will need some more training and leash work because he is strong on the leash. He likes going for car rides and seems to be ok with other dogs. He can be kind of goofy so you will want to use caution with small children.

If you are interested in meeting or adopting Frasier please fill out an online application.
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