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My name is Lila. I was rescued from Detroit. I am the sweetest little girl ever and I think I am a lap dog… my foster mom does not agree. I LOVE to cuddle even though I don’t quite know how and often end up laying on your head or just standing on top of people awkwardly until they move me into a comfy position, but I’m quickly learning.

I do get pretty anxious when I hear loud noises in the apartments around me, but  started taking some medications for anxiety and its helping so a quieter home would probably be best for me. I also get scared and reactive around other dogs due to my history, but I am working on this and getting better already. I don't eat any non-edible items such as shoes, furniture, etc. I am also fully potty trained and I’m pretty good at ringing a bell to let you know I need to go out. I do great in my crate and only bark or whine if I hear a scary noise, but I also can be left out for long periods of time and I just sleep on the couch for the most part while my humans are gone. I’m not sure how I feel about cats yet… I now have a cat living with me and I am pretty scared of him. I also am not sure how I will behave around small children.

I do great on a leash and only pull when I see another dog. I don’t like to go for very long walks though because I’m pretty lazy and like to flop around dramatically in the grass instead, but if you have lots of treats sometimes I’ll make an exception. I love any toys that I can rip up or that can be stuffed with yummy treats to keep me busy. My absolute favorite thing to do is sit outside in the sun, especially on my own chair or even better in someone’s lap.

I love just about everyone I meet once I get to know them and just want to be as close to my people as possible… sometimes too close, like when I try to sit on your lap while you are going to the bathroom... oops sorry. I am a really sweet girl who is looking for someone who will cuddle me and treat me right because I wasn’t treated very well in the past. 

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