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My name is Fairing and I’m looking for my forever home and a new best friend. I love to cuddle and hang out with my peeps. I know I look big in my pictures but I'm really smaller than I look. I’m hoping my new best friend works from home so I can hog all their attention, I really don’t like being alone, but if not that’s ok too. I just want to be your one and only and follow you wherever you go. I love to ride in the car, play with my squeaky toys and explore outside. My foster mom says I’m such a good girl because I don’t beg for food. I’m not a fan of the crate so if you use one, I won’t be a good fit. I’m pretty smart and know how to sit, lay down, stay and come when asked. I need to be the only dog in the house because dogs scare me.

Back in April of 2022 I was diagnosed with an FCE which occurs when disc material becomes stuck in the spinal artery, causing an ischemic event or stroke. This has caused some lameness in my hind right leg but I promise you this doesn’t really slow me down much. Sometimes when I’m feeling lazy, I will drag my foot a little but most of the time I walk and run using it just fine (please watch videos on my page). I can’t do more than a few steps at a time unless someone helps me out. I have a fancy sling and harness just in case I need it.  A home with kids is ok as long as they are old enough to respect my needs.

Please check our event page for my attendance, I know you will love me once we meet.  If you are interested in meeting, fostering or adopting me, please fill out an online application.

Fairing is available to foster, foster to adopt or adoption.

Questions to cbrookszy@yahoo.com

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