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Hi there, my name is Preston! I’m a very cuddly dog looking for my forever home. I enjoy playing in a wading pool, walks, playing ball and road trips. I also love snuggling up to you any chance you give me. Although I would prefer to free roam the house, I don’t mind my crate. Just show me yummy treats and I will run right in and wait. I like most other dogs and love to play. I have lived with cats but my playful nature may not be appreciated. I am athletic and love to run. You should be aware that I am able to jump standard chain link fences so a home with a privacy fence would be best. I love squeaky, and stuffed toys! When feeling stressed, I love to chew a good bone. I can be anxious around young children due to their unexpected noises and fast movements. For those reasons, I would do best in a home that has no children under 10 years old. I am looking for a home that can give me all the attention, time and dedication I need. If you can give me those things you will have found your new best friend!

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