Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are a foster based rescue. That means that we do not have a kennel or main facility to house our dogs. We have foster homes all over the state and our dogs go straight into these homes so that they are comfortable and can receive the best care possible until they find their forever homes.

How can I see your dogs?

If you are interested in a specific dog, fill out an application online. If you are just browsing, check out our adoption days on the 'events' page and find an event near you. You can see which dogs are attending the events and you can get some face time with the dogs that way.

What is the adoption process?

  1. Fill out an adoption application.
  2. We will call and do a vet check on any past pets.
  3. A home visit will be done in order to match the right dog to the right home.
  4. A meet and greet of the dog(s) of interest will be arranged.
  5. Adoption contract signed, if applicable, spay/neuter contract signed and adoption fee collected.

Can I read the contract before I make the decision whether to adopt?

Yes, please click on the links below to access our current contracts.
Click for Dog & Puppy Contract | Click for Cat & Kitten Contract

How can I help?

We are always in need of assistance, and there are many ways you can help!

Donations: We are a non-profit organization and can always use monetary donations. Please email or you can donate online here. We also are in need of supplies and material donations, please check out the "Our Needs" page for more information. Every bit helps!!

FOSTERING: We survive on our foster homes! For each additional foster home we have, we can save an additional dog.

Click for Foster Application | Click for Volunteer Application

Volunteering: In order for us to have a smooth running rescue we need our volunteers! Here are a couple different ways to volunteer: participating in home visits; and transporting dogs to and from, vet appt's., foster's homes and adoption events. These things can be done when you have the time and you can commit to only those that fit your schedule, please consider taking some time out to help! Please email if you are interested.

Where do I fill out an application?

Click for Dog Application | Click for Cat Application

Where do your dogs come from?

We receive most of our dogs from the lower parts of Michigan and Ohio who are on the "urgent" list at kennels and pounds. We try to focus on the pounds that euthanize by gas or sell their dogs to research labs for money. We believe in giving all dogs the chance to have a great home, that includes dogs with treatable health issues and seniors.

Do you euthanize?

No, we have rescued these dogs from being destroyed in various shelters, we save them from that fate and they will stay in foster homes with us until they find their forever home.

Are your dogs up to date (UTD) with shots?

Yes, we vaccinate and spay or neuter all of our dogs. If they find their home prior to that taking place, they can be adopted out with a spay/neuter contract. All dogs from our rescue are expected to be spayed/neutered in a timely manner. Puppies should be done between 4-6 months.

Don't dogs that come from shelters have something wrong with them?

Some dogs have problems and will continue to have them to some degree; others come to us with problems that we have been able to successfully eliminate. Many have no serious problems at all other than they have been unjustly abandoned. Most rescued dogs have had little or no formal training, and most have had poor care. Dogs end up in shelters under many circumstances. Some are owner surrenders, strays, cruelty or abuse cases, or some are just abandoned by their owners in vacant homes, ditches, or in boxes in front of a vet hospital. LDDR believes that all of these dogs need love and care regardless of their past. Sure, most need some obedience training and a little time and patience by the people willing to give them their second chance at life!

Please watch the short video below for more information about shelter dogs.