The Mis-Adventures of Mimi (Post #1)

by Adrianne Tatta, LDDR volunteer

Nemo... Thanksgiving
Nemo and I at Thanksgiving

My name is Adrianne and I’ve been a volunteer with Last Day Dog Rescue since August of 2014. My story begins with the loss of my dog Nemo, which I had adopted in college. When he passed after having him for 15 ½ years, I knew I could never replace him. Seeing how sad and lonely I was, a friend suggested possibly adopting another dog. And that’s where LDDR comes in...

In December of 2013, a month after Nemo’s passing, I met a pup on the LDDR site that sparked my love of dogs and made me want to adopt again. Unfortunately, that pup was already adopted and on his way to his new home. However, I saw that pup’s littermate and I was in love. His rescue name was Gene Kelly and he was ADORABLE!

The face I fell in love with
The face I fell in love with

The New Year brought my new pup, aka Herman, home. He was a handful to say the least! It took months, lots of teary late nights, tons of carpet and floor cleaner, and infinite patience, until we finally got into a groove. So by August of 2014, I decided we were in a good place to give back. In honor of Nemo and Herman, I began volunteering for Last Day Dog Rescue.

I’ve always been a lover of animals. Even when I was a little girl, I would be playing with worms and stepping around insects on the ground, as to not harm them in their home. So I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some dogs and help in any way that I could! I knew I could NEVER do the foster part of our rescue because I’d want to keep every dog. I would always say, in awe, to our fosters, “I don’t know how you do it! How can you give them up?” And they would always reply, “I give them up so I can save more.”

My first photo of Mimi

Fast forward to May 2017... after wearing several “hats” for the rescue, in comes a plea from our team for a returning dog named Mimi. Mimi was adopted out as a puppy, and was being returned 5 years later because of a biting incident and a fear for the couple’s 2 young children. Now, I had been toying with the idea of fostering after dog-sitting here and there and knowing how much our rescue needs more fosters. Because I’m a teacher, I knew that summers would be the best time to start and puppies would go pretty quickly. Then I read Mimi’s story and saw a picture of her looking so scared and sad, and I HAD to help!

These are the chronicles of a first-time foster and a little girl who needs a second chance at life. Welcome to the Mis-Adventures of Mimi!!

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