A Week in Rescue:

More Than Just Adoptions

by Julie Randall, LDDR foster/volunteer

AA event-VOMI have said for the past year I have been with Last Day Dog Rescue that rescue means different things to different people and that is good.  The reason being there is so much to be done, everybody plays a part. I did hear a real stretch yesterday in the words ‘I rescued a pup from a pet store’ but I digress. 

This week has highlighted that rescue isn’t just about pulling dogs from shelters, fostering them and then finding them a forever home. Those are all critical parts of course but they are not the end all. If we want to stop what we are currently working so hard to mend, we have to look beyond the result and address the cause. Otherwise our role is a bit like a hamster on a wheel, there will be a never ending need with no solution.

BSL eventOn Wednesday, two of our dedicated volunteers attended the Rally to End Breed Discrimination at the State Capital.  This was timely as there was a second reading of a pending bill this week to ban legislation within the state based solely upon appearance. This is not solely a fight about pit bulls, though they are the ones that come to most peoples mind, but includes all bully breeds like Boxers, Bull Dogs, Boston Terriers and many others like German Shepherds, Rottweilers that would likely surprise you which are currently banned in communities in Michigan. It’s about having the right to responsibly own the dog of your choosing without someone being able to say what breed they think your dog is part and being able to take it from you.

zoo- photosFriday and Saturday was the Semi Annual Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo event.  This is a major undertaking for the rescue to organize and we cannot do it without the dedication of the volunteers who help host this event.  This is a great opportunity for us to be able to show off our dogs and find them great homes.  There was a wonderful turn out this year and we are very optimistic for the adoptions of several of the dogs that along with their fosters attended.

Humain chainSaturday morning found several volunteers attending the Puppy Mill Awareness Human Chain along the overpass of 696 at Novi Road. 182 concerned citizens from various groups as well as those who just heard and came to support, created a human chain from the overpass down to 12 mile rd along Novi to bring awareness to the pet stores at Twelve Oaks Mall and Partridge Creek selling puppy mill puppies. Anyone in rescue has seen the condition the moms and dads are in when no longer of use to the mills.  This includes overgrown nails, matted hair, eye and ear infections never addressed, dental issues and beyond the physical issues, they are terrified of humans as all interaction has been neutral at best. And they have had no socialization. They live sad, dirty sickly lives until they are dumped.  No one with a conscience who really understood would find it ok. So we must be their voice.

AASaturday was also The Ann Arbor Petco Mega Adoption event.  Another awesome adoption event hosted and organized by dedicated volunteers.  Many fosters came out with their dogs and we already know of one adoption resulting from the event.  Let's hope for several more dogs finding their homes as well from this great event.

So it is with a bit of relief there are no Sunday events this week.  A busy week.  A full week.  A week working towards not only finding our current dogs homes but also working towards a future solution to stop the causes of so many dogs finding their way into the shelter maze each year.  Everyone can play a part in many different ways.  If you are interested in learning more of how you can help, you can fill out an application here.

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