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Name: Duncan - ADOPTED 02.26.13 (Missing Contract)
Rescue ID: D120679
Status: Adopted!
Adoption Fee: 125
Species: Dog
Breed: Rottweiler (short coat)
Learn more about the Rottweiler.
Sex: Male (neutered)
Current Size: 67 Pounds
General Potential Size: Large
Current Age: 9 Years 1 Month (best estimate)
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes
Housetrained: Yes

Duncan is around 7 years old. He was found by a passing motorist. He was tired and just literally laid down next to the road. Rather than have him sent to a shelter, a gracious police officer allowed us to find a private organization to take him in and find a furever home for Duncan.  When we introduced a collar and leash to him, he sat at attention and knew exactly what they were and how to act on a leash. Once we got him in the car, he wanted nothing to do with the back seat. He sat happily in the passenger's seat and pawed at the window to have it rolled down so he could stick his head out. The smile on his face while we drove with the wind blowing at him was absolutely precious.

Duncan is a very happy dog who just fits in perfectly. Regardless of his age, he is just a great family dog who loves to curl up on the bed with us at night, sleep on the floor after we go to sleep, and curl up next to me on the sofa during the day. He is very low maintenance and high on affection!

Duncan is really well liked by the other dogs and he  is very curious about bigger dogs. He and my Great Dane were playing together this afternoon in the backyard and he crawled right into the pond for a drink and a cool off. He and my Chocolate lab were playing tuggy with a giant stuffed animal before he laid his head on it and fell asleep . He is very amused by cats, but not in an aggressive way. He seems to have lived with them before in his life and looks on them as small dogs. In fact, his first instinct when he came up to our bedroom was to attempt crawling under the bed to play. At the animal hospital, he did bark at one cat which was the first time he showed that he has a healthy bark. But he was a good gentleman and kept it all friendly. It's clear that he was raised in a home, with a family, and was very well socialized.

Duncan does have spondylosis in his spine, but it is nothing to worry about. He will need to take NSAIDs for the rest of his life, but he loves his peanut butter cocktails, so I don't foresee a problem. He also has hip dysplasia and 2nd degree arthritis. He is completely functional and his mobility is not terribly impaired. He has responded quite well to the fish oil caps that I have been giving him. They do a good job reducing the inflammation. The doctor was very positive about his prognosis. Yes he has arthritis, but so do many of us.

He would be a great companion dog not only for a family or single person, but also for another dog who needs a bff!

The petfinder.com system requires that we choose a predominant breed or breed mix for our dogs. Visual breed identification in dogs is unreliable so for most of the dogs we are only guessing at predominant breed or breed mix. We get to know each dog as an individual and will do o ur best to describe each of our dogs based on personality, not by breed label.

Photography by volunteer and animal advocate, Dee Maggio Photography
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Other Pictures of Duncan - ADOPTED 02.26.13 (Missing Contract) (click to see larger version):
Duncan - ADOPTED 02.26.13 (Missing Contract)
Duncan - ADOPTED 02.26.13 (Missing Contract)
Duncan - ADOPTED 02.26.13 (Missing Contract)
Duncan - ADOPTED 02.26.13 (Missing Contract)